What did you picture when you read that word? It is a powerful word. One that we do not tend to use lightly.

As a verb, its definition is “to be filled with wonder or astonishment”.

What have you been “marveled” by in your life? I, personally, can only think of a handful of things and/or times in my life when I have stood truly marveled.

There is a place in the Bible that uses this term where seems almost out of place and we find it in the book of Luke.

Shortly after Jesus’ birth, Mary and Joseph bring him to the Temple and we read in the second chapter of Luke that Simeon, who was told he would see Christ before his death spoke over the baby.  Then in verse 33:

And Joseph and His mother marveled at those things which we spoken of Him.

Think about that for a second. Don’t rush past the depth of that statement. We are talking about Mary and Joseph whom each had their own unique angelic encounter about the birth of Jesus. Each saw and heard the amazing things that happened the night of His birth like the shepherds in the field who were joined by a host of heavenly angels singing.

They knew exactly who Jesus was to become. They had encounters leading up to His birth that would rock most people to their core. Truly, I don’t think if I were in their shoes, anything would shock me after that, much less bring me to “marvel”.

But yet, there was a new level of greatness of the Savior being revealed to them each and every day. Such greatness that it caused them to marvel.

That verse causes me to repent.

To repent of simply taking Him for granted. To repent of getting too comfortable with my Savior that when I look to Him, I fail to marvel at His greatness. That when I speak of Jesus, I fail to fathom the power that rests in His name.

When we get too comfortable with something, that is exactly what we do – we take it for granted. We can easily forget what life was like before we had it. We treat it as if it is something that will simply be there, no matter what. We diminish its value.

We can never fathom the fullness and greatness that is Jesus.

There is something new that He desires to reveal to you every day – but we have to abide in Him. We have to press in, we have to ask questions and we have to make ourselves vulnerable.

Open yourself up to the idea that you just might not know everything. That maybe the Jesus you knew yesterday, isn’t all there is. He is better. He is more. He is worth marvel!

I recently heard the song, Praise the Lord by Crowder and he sums this thought up really well by saying:

I know less as I’ve come to know you more.  You’re not who I thought you were before. Praise the Lord!

Don’t put God in a box. There is no box that could fit. Open yourself up to the idea that maybe, just maybe, each day should start with marvel of Him.

Question: How do you maintain your marvel in Him?

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