Honor’s Reward

I had the privilege recently of speaking a message regarding honor – specifically with respect to honoring our Pastors at my home church, Without Walls Church. Lucky for me, I have the greatest Pastors on the planet! They make the task of honoring them to be a very simple one. They are a true demonstration of Christ as a Servant Leaders. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them.

Yet, there is an important message to be heard regarding honor and what can manifest through honor. Our society is plagued by a culture of disrespect towards those in authority. God’s word is very clear, there is a reward that comes through honor. This does not mean just honoring those in Spiritual Authority, we are also called to honor those in the Government, our workplace and elsewhere.

Watch the video below and chime in on the comments to start the discussion!

Question: How do you show honor to those in authority?

  • Elizabeth

    Not always easy, but necessary as Christians.

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